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Build confidencE.
Perform under pressure. 
Overcome burnout.

When your performance is impaired it can feel overwhelming, like you’re stuck in the mud and just can’t seem to move forward. This can really mess with your confidence and motivation, making the situation feel worse.

Performance coaching can help you increase focus and confidence, decrease stress, prevent injury and build resiliency so you can perform at your best- whether you’re an athlete training for a competition, training for combat, recovering from an injury or managing life at work and home.

I'll help you with...


performance anxiety

You perform well during training or practice but during competition or when the spotlight is on you, you choke. You feel nervous, sweaty, and your inner critic starts listing off all the ways you are going to fail.


Performance anxiety is when your performance decreases due to perceived stress which comes from having extremely high expectations for yourself combined with an audience.

combat & operational stress

You experience chronic stress from your job whether it’s daily operational stressors or combat related. It’s impacting your sleep. You’re anxious. You notice you’re having difficulty focusing and paying attention, especially in those meetings that could have been an email. You need a break. You need to actually decompress for real, but “relaxing” is uncomfortable. It’s hard to sit still, you constantly have to be doing something.


injury Recovery

You’ve been injured and your recovery is taking a toll on you emotionally. You never thought you’d be here; feeling useless and broken. Being injured has messed up your plans and now you’re finding it hard to get motivated for your goals that seem unattainable.

performance expansion

Time to step up your game! You may not currently be struggling with your performance, but you know you are capable or more and you’re ready to explore what optimal performance means for you!

Image by Gentrit Sylejmani

mental training helps...



Confidence, Motivation, Concentration & 
Emotional Control



Goals, Effective Communication &
Injury Recovery
Stress, Fears, Performance Anxiety, Burnout & Adversity
Image by Keegan Houser

Let's work together to connect your mind & body.

Connecting your mind and body for optimal physical performance means trying new techniques to overcome unseen obstacles. 

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