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Soldiers with Guns
overcome your triggers.


You are a tactical athlete; you’ve made it through rigorous training, exercises, and deployments. You’ve experienced extreme levels of stress before but now it’s starting to impact your performance at work. You’ve even noticed your motivation at the gym has taken a hit. 

Combat and Operational Stress occurs when you’ve been exposed to stress or trauma from combat and/or military operations. The stress responses are hard-wired survival responses triggered by chronic stress and/or life-threatening situations.


These stress reactions can leave you feeling on edge, irritable, angry, or numb. When all of this is going on, it can inhibit your performance in the field and strain your relationships with your family and friends. But it doesn't have to. 


I can help you better understand the stress responses so you can regain some control. With brainspotting, we can identify the trigger behind these symptoms so you can overcome them. Then we can take it further and see how you can use this insight to expand your performance!  

Here's a detailed list of signs and symptoms.


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Combat & Operational Stress can present itself as...


Depression or Anxiety

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