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performance Anxiety

Home Run
don't keep replaying the strikeouts in your mind.

Lately, you’ve noticed your confidence has dipped after a poor performance. You keep playing it over and over in your head. The more you try to work on the issue, the more you seem to make mistakes. People keep telling you to “get out of your head,” or “breathe” and “focus” but it only makes it feel that much harder to do. 


The overwhelm is starting to make you feel detached. You're on autopilot, just going through the motions.  The pressure gets to you and the critical voice in your head won’t shut up. What if I can’t? What if I suck? What if I fail or it’s a total disaster? What if I’m not good enough?


You notice tension in your body and a heaviness in your chest. You’re having a hard time getting yourself motivated, you’re procrastinating, and relaxing feels impossible.


Let’s figure out where exactly you’re struggling and revisit your goals. I’ll help you gain control of your anxiety and tame that nasty voice in your head so you can finally relax and enjoy your hobbies again (or figure out what your hobbies even are these days).


Let's work through this together.
Image by Conor Sexton

Performance Anxiety is a typical response to a situation where you believe your skills are being evaluated.

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