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Heart Rate
Variability Training

emWave Pro Training (In person sessions only)

Heart Rate Variability (or “HRV”) is simply a measure of the variation in time between each heartbeat. The heart rate speeds up during inhalation and slows down during exhalation. HRV is an important indicator of health and fitness and reflects our ability to adapt effectively to stress and environmental demands.  

Breathing patterns, physical exercise and even our thoughts influence our HRV. One of the most powerful factors to affect the changing rhythm of our heart is our feelings and emotions. Emotional stress like anger, frustration and anxiety can create heart rhythm patterns that appear irregular and erratic- resulting in an incoherent heart rhythm pattern.


Positive emotions like joy, love and appreciation create a smoother pattern called a coherent heart rhythm pattern. When we are in a coherent pattern, the branches of the autonomic nervous system are synchronized, and the body’s system is operating with increased efficiency.

Using a pulse sensor that’s plugged into a USB port, emWave Pro translates coherence information from pulse data and creates a user-friendly graphic displayed on the computer screen. The emWave Pro helps you achieve coherence and alignment through simple exercises, games and coherence techniques. This helps you build resilience, increase energy, and promotes focus, mental clarity and emotional balance.

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