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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mental Performance? 

Mental Performance refers to the mental and emotional aspects of performance that enables both individuals and teams to achieve high levels of success. 

Mental Performance training comes from the field of sport psychology and concentrates specifically on helping athletes break through the mental barriers that keep them from reaching their optimal performance. 

Is it only for athletes or people with a "problem?"

No! Mental performance training isn’t just for athletes or those with a “problem.” Mental training can help you maximize your ability to use mental and emotional techniques to enhance your ability in all areas of your life. 


Sounds great! Is it covered by insurance? 

Mental performance coaching is not covered by insurance.  I understand that coaching is a financial commitment, I also strongly believe it to be an investment. Imagine what it would be like to overcome your mental blocks, accomplish your goals and experience growth in a way that can change how you handle life’s challenges!


What should I expect?


First, we start off with a free 20-minute consultation (either by phone or zoom) where we can get to know each other a little to see if I’d be a good fit for you.


If we mutually agree on a good fit we then we discuss which schedule works best for you, individual sessions or packages. Next we schedule the first session, often referred to as the intake session. This is where I go over forms, answer questions and ask you a ton of information about yourself so I can get a better understanding of what’s going on. This is also where we talk about your goals and start to formulate a plan!


The sessions following the intake are where we work together to help you reduce any negative issues or mental blocks that may be getting in the way of your goals. During this time and in between sessions you’ll be building self-awareness, coping skills and applying what you are learning.


Your last sessions usually occur when you feel content with the progress you’ve made and are ready to move forward using the skills and techniques learned during session. We’ll review the gains you’ve made and create a plan for your continued success!

Ready to get started?

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