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Man with Amputee Lifting Weight

Injury Recovery

Image by Eagle Media Pro
Every injury is unique.


Experiencing an injury can be life-changing. Physical injuries can put your goals on the back-burner or even make them seem unachievable. Sometimes they even seem to put life on hold.


The frustration of going to multiple doctors and working on recovery can be overwhelming. To top it off, people start treating you like you’re broken. You start treating you like you’re broken

In case you need reminding, you are injured NOT broken.


A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when a blow to the head or body causes brain dysfunction and injury. TBI’s can cause difficulties that can include physical changes, behavioral changes or cognitive problems. A concussion is a mild TBI (mTBI) that causes the brain to temporarily dysfunction. This is the most common type of TBI.


If you are dealing with an injury or TBI and you’re struggling with recovery you’ve come to the right place. Together we can look at where you are in your recovery, what your goals were, what they currently are and start tackling your recovery together.

Image by Conor Sexton

Neurobehavioral TBI symptoms can include...

Agitative, Combative, Irritable, or Easily Frustrated

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