High Achievers

Your to do list is endless and at times it seems like you have more than one list going. You’ve gotten to the point where you can only focus on the thing that needs to be done today. You’ll worry about the other stuff tomorrow. But now it’s tomorrow and again you find yourself in this situation. You’re in survival mode and you just need to make it to the weekend. 


No matter how hard you try and relax, you just can’t seem to do it. You notice a tightness in your chest and tension in your shoulders.  Sometimes it’s even hard to fall asleep and when you do, you wake up through the night. You wind up hitting snooze several times, eventually resetting your alarm. It doesn’t feel like you are making progress towards your goals even though you’ve written them down…somewhere…on one of those lists. 

You are an ambitious person but now it seems maybe you’ve been a little too ambitious. You’ve lost sight of your original goals and stress and anxiety have taken over and derailed you. It’s time to get back on track. 


Let’s take a look at those goals you had. Together we can pinpoint the areas where you are struggling, identify mental blocks and create an actionable plan utilizing brainspotting and mental skills techniques. 

When perfectionism is driving us, shame is riding shotgun and fear is that annoying backseat driver!



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