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tbi & Injury

Every injury is unique.


Physical injuries can debilitate your mobility, but an underlying mental injury can be just as impairing.


Life after a brain injury can be overwhelming for both the survivor and family members. In addition to your treatment and recovery plan, counseling may be recommended to help with the healing process.


Many factors, including the size, severity, and location of a brain injury, influence how a TBI is treated and how quickly a person might recover. The types and extent of treatments depend on the severity of the injury and its specific location in the brain.


Counseling is simply another form of therapy that helps you recover emotionally after the injury occurs. I want you to look forward to family vacations, getting back on the field, and picking up old hobbies.   


Let's get through this recovery together. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries 

can present itself as


Limited mobility


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